Roman Sigma MSU Chapter, 1984

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2009 Anniversary Video (Iligan City)

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Roman Sigma meets at Trinoma, Quezon City

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Roman Sigma in Metro Manila met at Gerry's Grill, Trinoma, QUezon City on November 22, 2012. 

The meeting was attended by our brods and sisters in Metro Manila including Brod Ferdinand Rey Ga of AFP and Brod Ernito  Baldo of EFB GeoStruk.

Brod Ramil A. Sanchez, Roman Sigma National President shared with them the vision for our organization and told them we have a great dream of Roman Sigma as a 21st Century Fraternity - creating a distinct fraternity brand.

Brods Rey and Ern B expressed their full support to the Metro Manila Council of Nobles of Roman Sigma which was earlier organized.

The attendees expressed their eagerness to put up a Roman Sigma collegiate chapter in Metro Manila.

Roman Sigma Park during my visit in May 2010

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